Booty Babe Art puts the “figure” before the action.
-Mo Brown

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Anorexic dolls look out. It’s playtime of a different kind. Behold the Era of the
“Booty Babe”. A unique hybrid of customizable action figure and statue these
ladies are here to be noticed. Opting to explore beauty from a different
standpoint these voluptuous pieces of art showcase women of color in way
you’ve never seen before.
The name “Booty Babe” sounds quite risqué upon first mention. So what
exactly is a Booty Babe? Artist Spencer Davis insists that it as a term of
endearment. “A Booty Babe, generally speaking is a woman with curves,
she’s the type of woman that you see out at the mall, in line at the bank, or out
grocery shopping”. She’s sweet and sexy, stylish and smart; and her body
language states, “This is who I am, and I love being me.”
Davis, who holds a bachelor’s of fine arts degree in industrial design first
conceived Booty Babe Art in 1998 when he started adding clay to a popular
“skinny” 12" doll. After many trials and errors Spencer developed the concept
for his Booty Babe Art sculptures into what you see today, and has ultimately
chose this medium as the canvas in which he expresses his passion for toy
collecting, foreign culture, female beauty, and fantasy.
Over the years Spencer has put together quite the collection. Although “Coco” is the main
“Diva” of the line he as created a slew of other of full figured beauties all with unique attire,
and personality. Booty Babe Art attempts to break the mold of conventional standards
beauty as seen in fashion magazines and seeks to place real looking women with natural
hips, breasts and curves into the spotlight.
Taking the vision one step further Booty Babe Art has put out an open contest call to all
ladies who think that they are “Booty Babe” material. Where the lucky grand prize winner will
be immortalized forever in a custom 1:6 scale Booty Babe Art sculpture created in the winner’
s own image. Good Luck Ladies! As the buzz on this enterprising young artist grows we will
continue to keep you posted. Many of the pieces shown here are available for purchase
through The Booty Babe Art website. For more information on Spencer Davis, his art, and
the “Booty Babe” contest log on to